Confidence is the goal

but it's not the destination. 

The destination is brave conversations, new ideas, consistent action, better leadership, showing up authentically, asking for what you need and so much more. 

Leah has been coaching me since January and I have been blown away by her content. She always creates a "safe space" for me to share the barriers that I face, both professionally and personally, her coaching makes me feel liberated, I feel seen and understood, but more importantly IT WORKS. I am navigating through fears and challenges that I never believed were possible. Thank you for enabling me to take back my power, your support is invaluable.


Associate Director

Work With Me

Leah works with businesses to support rising leaders in understanding who they are, their leadership vision and values and, through workshops, one-on-one coaching and mentoring empower them to lead confidently. 
She also works with females to reset their inner-confidence compass, supporting in closing the confidence gap.
Coaching for Business

Lead confidently. 

New leadership teams have all the skills needed but can hold back due to self-doubt. Where would your business be with confident leadership?

Coaching for Women

Know your power.

Women are here to do amazing things. Lead businesses, mother and speak up in their community - do you want to do this confidently?


Calm confidence.

Breathwork is the practise of conscious breathing to regulate our nervous systems for better physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Client Love

I loved that Leah challenged me outside of my comfort zone during our sessions.

Mahdi - Civil engineer

I loved Leah’s support and the way she drew out my thoughts with her questions. She was also good at helping me feel grounded when I felt anxious.

Jamie - Life coach

Thanks to Leah I'm learning that  "difficult" conversations  can lead to positive changes.

Ashley - Financial Analyst

The workshop was eye opening! I've learnt so much about communication and behaviours.

Leah - Senior Consultant


Confidence Club Hub

About Leah.

Leah is an ICF accredited confidence, career and breathwork coach. Following her return to work after her first child, she was promoted to Ops Director of a multi-million pound tech business and suffered from imposter syndrome, self-doubt, low self-worth… the lot! 

After working with a coach to rebuild her confidence she knew what she went through was far too common and wanted to support others going through the same thing. 


CPD Accredited: Rising Leaders Workshops.

Rising Leaders
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