Hey, I'm Leah and I'm obsessed with confidence.

The vision.

For women to show up authentically and be accepted, celebrated and treated as equal - supported by systems that are designed to include us.

The mission.

To show up authentically, sharing my whole self and the stories of others to empower women to take meaningful action. Supporting the community via accessible resources, practical tools, coaching, mentoring and workshops.

How It Started

Leah's obsession started after her own confidence crisis. Following her return to work after her first child, she was promoted to Ops Director of a multi-million pound tech business and suffered from imposter syndrome, self-doubt, low self-worth… the lot! Leah worked with a coach to restore her confidence and this allowed her to make the impact she wanted to in her work and at home with her family. 

She realised along the way that her story isn't unique. In fact, it's so common it's scary! She decided she wanted to support anyone going through something similar and retrained as an ICF certified coach

She now works with women one-to-one on what confidence means to them. Whether that's being able to progress in their career, start a new business, step up in the community, embrace motherhood or follow their passions. 

To Leah, confidence isn't always extroverted and it's certainly not arrogant. It's an inner knowing. It's getting quiet and listening to what you need. It's turning those ideas into action.  


Some more about Leah

Leah takes a holistic view to confidence, her other obsession is breathwork, its simplicity and the power it holds to ground and centre you. Leah has practised breathwork regularly since having children and certified as a breathwork instructor in 2022. Connecting to the breath supports in nervous system regulation which is vital if we want to make meaningful change in any area of our lives. To embrace change and growth we first have to feel safe to do so, and so Leah not only teaches breathwork classes, she integrates this practice in to her coaching sessions. 

She is level 2 reiki attuned and works with clients on an energetic level, when needed, to create huge shifts. Ever since she can remember, Leah has had the ability to read people's energy - finding reiki has allowed Leah to channel this amazing skill and provide emotional support through transformational changes for her clients.

Finally, Leah believes in people and planet before profit and chooses to partner with (through regular charitable giving and campaigning)

Do you want to reconnect with your superpowers? 


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