Hey. I’m Leah…

…and I’m completely obsessed with confidence.

My obsession started after my own confidence crisis. Following my return to work after my first child, I was promoted to Ops Director of a multi-million pound tech business and suffered from imposter syndrome, self-doubt, low self-worth… the lot! 

To overcompensate for not feeling good enough I pushed myself to the limits and eventually burnt out. I needed a complete reset. 

I worked with a well-being coach and built back my confidence again but this time in a meaningful way, on my terms. 

I realised along the way that my story isn’t unique. In fact, it’s so common it’s scary! I decided I wanted to do something about ‘the confidence gap’ and retrained as an ICF certified coach

I now work with women on what confidence means to them. Whether that’s being able to progress in their career, start a new business, step up in the community, embrace motherhood or follow their passions. 

To me, confidence isn’t always extroverted and it’s certainly not arrogant. It’s an inner knowing. It’s getting quiet and listening to what you need. It’s turning those ideas into action.  

I also work with businesses to support rising leaders in understanding who they are, their leadership values and, through workshops and one-on-one coaching, empower them to lead confidently.

Some more about me

I can’t wait to work with you.

Confidence to me is about listening to your intuition, listening to what you need, and then acting on it.

— Leah Tillyer, Confidence Club Founder