Slow down and listen inwards.

Confidence begins when we feel safe within our bodies and our nervous system is calm. 

After the breathwork session with Leah I felt very relaxed. The session gave me an understanding of how to breath optimally, how limiting my current range is and how this is impacting my stress levels. 

MIKE - Account Manager

About Calm Confidence

Leah first realised the power of breathwork after having her first child. Seeing how it could carry her through labour was amazing. She found it easy to integrate a daily breathwork practice into her hectic routine as a Mum and during the working day. 

When working from home, breathwork became a lifesaver, giving a revived sense of energy between back to back Zoom calls. Or by using it to unwind at the end of a stressful day. 

It's amazing how such a simple and accessible practice can bring such calm and rejuvenation, in such a short space of time. 

Breathwork for Business

Breathwork for Businesses was born to support businesses with practical and accessible tools for managing emotional wellbeing at work.

One-on-One Coaching

If you want to deepen your knowledge and breathwork practice I offer one to one coaching sessions.

Monthly Classes

A chance to unwind at the end of each week with a dynamic breathwork practice.

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Breathwork is the simplest, most accessible and effective tool for managing our nervous system.

Leah ‚óŹ Confidence Club Founder

The Benefits of Breathwork

There are so many amazing benefits of breathwork for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Here's just a few. 

Increase in energy

Breathwork improves the oxygen levels in the bloodstream which can lead to feeling an increase in energy levels.

Improves the respiratory system

Taking fuller, longer diaphragmatic breaths tones not only the diaphragm but also increases the lungs capacity and relaxes the supporting breathing muscles e.g. the intercostal and trapezius muscles.

Regulates the nervous system

The vagus nerve, which plays a role in regulating the Autonomic Nervous Systems (ANS), runs down the spine from the brain and has nerve endings which run through the diaphragm. The vagus nerve activates the rest and digest response to bring you out of fight or flight mode. Diaphragmatic breathing massages the vagus nerve and actives the rest and digest response.

Helps to detoxify (healthy lymphatic system)

Around 70% of our toxins are released through breath. Deep breathing during breathwork helps to detoxify the body, boosts lung capacity and promotes a healthy heart. The expansion of the diaphragm also massages the lymphatic drainage system which helps to expel toxins more effectively.

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