Fuel Your Passion

Women are put on the planet to lead, don't let those voices in your head tell you otherwise.

Are you ambitious and driven but self-confidence is holding you back in your career? 

Have you stepped up into a leadership position but imposter syndrome is keeping you small? 

Your self-confidence doesn't have to hold you back. There is a way to quieten self-doubt and show up as the energetic, heart-led leader you are meant to be.

Career Progression

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Don't let low confidence hold you back.


You were born to lead. Let's crush imposter-syndrome together.

Authentic Vocation

Do you feel like you're on the wrong career path but can't find your way back?

Motherhood coaching

I work with women who want to:

  • Build self-confidence in business 

  • Understand their leadership style 

  • Progress in their career and personal development

  • Understand their career values and desires

  • Communicate clearly and confidently

  • Manage up as well as down 

  • Show up as their authentic self

Your career is your passion and purpose.

 I work with you to understand your next career goal, what blockers are stopping you from achieving them and building new belief systems to get you there.

 pricing Options

Confidence club

90-day confidence club program. Unearth everything you need to achieve your goals.

  • 2 x 1-hour sessions monthly
  • Breathwork techniques
  • Distance reiki healing
  • Goal planning
  • Actions & accountability
  • Telegram access 


333 / payment plans available

clarity call

A whole 90 minutes to gain clarity around the areas in your life that need more focus.

  • 90 minute clarity call
  • Career wheel
  • Goal planning
  • Breathwork techniques
  • Distance reiki healing
  • Telegram access 


77 / one-off

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