Need a confidence boost? 

Why work with Me

Confidence coaching

Are there areas of your life that you’re holding back in? Are you play it small? Do you want to speak up more? Confidence coaching supports you in resetting your inner-confidence compass. 

Motherhood Coaching

Have you recently been thrown into the reality of motherhood? Or are they multiplying & you're losing a grip on who you are? Motherhood coaching brings you back home to yourself.

Career Coaching

Women are put on the planet to lead but imposter syndrome can hold us back in our careers. Does this sound familiar? Career coaching is for ambitious and driven women. 

How it works


Chemistry Call

A chemistry call is a chance for you to tell me all about where you're up to on your confidence journey. They typically last around 20-30 minutes and are completely free.


Decide Package

After the call, you can decide where you need support and which package is right for you. I offer 90-day programs or 90 minute clarity calls to suit. 



Being coached is a magically, empowering and inspiring process that gets you on your desired path. Want to know more?




Hi I'm Leah, Founder of The Confidence Club.

Established back in 2021, coming out of the back of a global pandemic, I knew I wanted to support anyone going through a major confidence crisis.

Whether you've never been confident or you've lost it along the way, I know I can support you in resetting your inner-confidence compass.

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Working with Leah gave me the ability to view scenarios from a new perspective and the confidence in myself to handle challenging situations going forward.

Ashley Financial Analyst