Confidence Coaching For Mums Who Want It All.

I work with ambitious, driven, female leaders and founders who also happen to be Mums. The world might tell you, you can't have it all but I'm here to tell you, you can. 

Is the pressure to be everything to everyone leaving you feeling overwhelmed?

 You feel the need to be a great Mum, have an amazing career, look incredible, care for the wider family, look after the house - the mental load of being a woman and a mother is very real. It can leave you feeling like you’re not good enough at home or at work.

Build Boundaries

Boundaries are vital for Mum's. They're the foundation to building the life you want to live.

Create Space

Making space for you is hard but we'll look at how you can begin to feel like you again.

Work & Live

Before children your job was your passion and your purpose. How can you give to both harmoniously?

7 Steps to Confident Motherhood.

This framework is unique to Confidence Club. 

1. Wheel of Motherhood

You can't poor from an empty cup. We'll explore the wheel of Motherhood to make sure you're taking time for yourself and your passions. 

2. Nervous System Regulation

As a certified breathwork and emotional healing coach, this step is foundational to our confidence. It's hard managing the emotions of tiny humans - that's why its essential you learn how to manage yours first.

3. Wellbeing

Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is vital to feeling confident. We'll make sure you have all the energy you need to do the things you love with the people you love.

4. Belief Systems

What if I told you the environment you grew up in is impacting your confidence? Together, we'll explore both the internal and external expectations placed on you as a Mum and how this is limiting your growth. 

5. Actions & Accountability

Confidence might be the goal but it's not the destination. It's what you can do when you feel confident that's truly magical. But feeling confident means nothing if you're not prepared to put your ideas in to action. We'll draw out a step-by-step action plan to support on your journey.

6. Authenticity 

This isn't fake it until you make it. You already have everything you need within you. Working with me, we'll peel back the layers, the conditioning, the limiting beliefs until you remember who the F you are!

7. Your Manifesto

In Motherhood it's important that you know exactly who you are, your purpose and your values. You'll leave with a manifesto to live your life by. Your world will look different by this point. This manifesto is the start of the rest of your life. 

Motherhood coaching

I work with Mum's who want to:

  • Thrive at home and in the workplace

  • Find a balance that works for them

  • Understand their new values and priorities

  • Set clear boundaries around work and home life

  • Communicate their needs confidently

  • Trust themselves and their intuition

You don’t have to choose between being a Mum and having a career. 

There is a way to have both, in balance, without being completely burnt out. A life in which you have clear boundaries that everyone respects, providing you with the energy you need to show up as the most amazing version of yourself at home and at work.

Motherhood coaching helps to ground and re-centre. Nobody can prepare you for becoming a parent, your values and boundaries understandably change along the way but we don’t always check in to see what we need now. Coaching uncovers what you need now and how to confidently communicate so you can thrive with your family and your career. 

Let's Make Things Happen.

Confidence club

12-week confidence club program. Unearth everything you need to achieve your goals.

  • 6  x 60-mins sessions
  • Access to monthly online breathwork sessions
  • 1 distance reiki healing session
  • 12 weeks Telegram access for in-between break throughs
  • Tailored resources and actions to support with your journey


555 / Total cost. Payment plans available*

clarity call

A whole 90 minutes to gain clarity around the areas in your life that need more focus.

  • 90 minute clarity call
  • Access to one monthly online breathwork practice
  • 1 week Telegram access for post-session breakthroughs
  • Tailored resources and actions to support with the clarity you need


111 / One-off

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Work-life boundaries for Mums.

Work-Life Boundaries for Mums.

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