Online Breathwork Classes

The third Sunday of each month Leah hosts a beautiful live online breathwork practise. All you need is access to Zoom and somewhere quiet and comfortable to relax for an hour. 

Don't worry if you can't make the live, there will be access to a 7-day replay available. 


What they say

Before the class, I was in my usual heightened state due to daily pressures of work and looking after a young child. I attended a Sunday evening class and it helped to bring me down from the daily pressures and be in a more relaxed, present state of mind.


I absolutely loved your class. I've never done breathwork before and I was fully involved. I felt like it had a real effect on me, I felt calm and very emotional when I left. Like I was letting go of tension that I've been carrying around with me for a long time.


Benefits of Breathwork.

Breathwork has so many amazing benefits and the results are near instant. In each class Leah will guide you through the techniques, somatic practices to support with nervous system regulation and visualisations. 

Clarity and creativity

Slowing down the breath and the mind can create space for new thoughts and ideas

Nervous system regulation

The breath allows you to directly access your nervous system and move from feeling anxious or low to a revived state

Improved sleep

Certain techniques can slow the body and mind down ready for an amazing nights sleep

Emotional releases

If our emotions are not processed they can become stored within our mind with no way of processing them. Breathwork allow us to access these emotions and begin to process them